Micro- and nanoplastics are released from food packaging

Researchers report cooking in non-stick Teflon cookware may lead to the release of thousands of micro- and nanoplastics; find 3 to 43 plastic particles prone to be released from Chinese polypropylene takeaway containers; detect around 1,500 microplastics/liter in Iranian bottled water; review points out that micro- and nanoplastic detection methods in food need validation and standardization

Microplastic exposure through drinking cups and human health effects

Study finds up to 6000 particles/L to be released from disposable drinking cups; scientists estimate humans ingest 37,613–89,294 microplastics through plastic cups use per year; study suggests consumption from plastic containers changes human gut and oral microbiota composition; review concludes that uptake of microplastics carrying pathogens may impact human health

Microplastics in food: occurence, sources, perception

Three studies investigate microplastics in foods; review summarizes particle migration from food packaging into honey and calls for universal analysis methods; research study presents analytical method to detect and identify microplastics in certain foods; survey finds public seems unaware of food packaging as microplastic source and seldomly connects microplastics with human health consequences