Dr. Petra Pribylova is a leader of the accredited Trace Analytical Laboratories (TAL) at RECETOX Centre at Masaryk University. She has expert knowledge on the analysis of organic compounds in environmental and biotic matrices, with a special focus on a wide range of sample preparation techniques and GC-MS methods development. She worked on the development of analytical methods in the Technical University of Munich and the University of Bordeaux. Her primary responsibilities are to lead the analytical labs at the RECETOX Centre, to organize sample analysis workflow, and develop methods for high-resolution suspect screening and non-targeted analysis of emerging chemicals. She is also responsible for extending the scope of accreditation of new methods, LIMS, and QA/QC. She is a contact person for authorities, industry, partners, and customers who request analytical support, sampling, and sample analysis. In addition, she cooperates on a number of national and international projects focused on environmental chemistry and human health.