Kirsi Helinä Vähäkangas is a professor of toxicology (emerita) at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) since 2000. Her research areas are developmental toxicity, especially fetal exposure, molecular mechanisms of chronic toxicity, especially aspects related to chemical carcinogenesis, as well as research ethics. Major grants include several from the Finnish Academy and three EU-projects: CHILDRENGENONETWORK (2003–2005, WP-leader); ReProTect (2006–2009, partner); and NewGeneris (2006–2011, partner). In the EU projects, human placental perfusion was the main contribution of the Vähäkangas group. Prof. Vähäkangas visited from 1982–1984 as a postdoctoral scientist and later in 1990–1991 and 2012–2013 as a visiting scientist at the National Cancer Institute, NIH, US (Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis at NIH). During 2000–2018 she developed and directed the International Master’s Program in General Toxicology at UEF, the only existing academic degree program of toxicology in Finland. She was one of the founders and leader of the Finnish Graduate School in Toxicology (founded 2006) funded by the Finnish Academy (vice-director 2006–2008, director 2009–2011). Prof. Vähäkangas is a European Registered Toxicologist and has served twice (1998–1999, 2010–2013) as the President of the Finnish Society of Toxicology. She has also served in several expert committees and evaluation panels in toxicology and in research ethics.