Barbara Scholz-Böttcher is a senior scientist and researcher at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. She is a member of the Organic Geochemistry working group. Her scientific background is in the field of food, environmental, and analytical chemistry. Her research focuses on biomarker analysis, contamination of coastal regions by fossil hydrocarbons and selected marine contaminants, and bacterial-linked metabolites in marine waters, with a particular emphasis on qualitative and quantitative trace analysis of microplastics and contained low-molecular components. Central projects with the participation of Dr. Scholz-Böttcher (subproject PI) in connection with microplastics are the JPI-Oceans international joint project FACTS (Fluxes and fate of MNP in Northern European waters, 2020-2023), the national joint project PLAWES (Microplastics contamination in the Weser Estuary as a model system – Wadden Sea National Park: an ecosystem approach), as part of the FONA III (Plastic in the environment, sources, sinks, solutions, 2017-2020), and the JPI-Oceans international joint project BASEMAN (2016-2018), which dealt with the harmonization of analytical methods for sampling and analysis of microplastics. Dr. Scholz-Böttcher was involved in a UBA (German Federal Environmental Agency) project for the investigation of microplastics in fish (2014-2015), the analysis of microplastics within the WGL network MikrOMIK (2014-2017), and investigations on the leaching behavior of plastic additives in the environment.