Chronic PS nanoplastics exposure found to impact mitochondrial health, impairing cell metabolism

New study examines long-term effects of polystyrene (PS) nanoplastics on mitochondrial health under realistic exposure conditions; Repeated exposure to PS nanoplastics impaired mitochondrial function and cell differentiation process, possibly linked to metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and obesity; Other recent studies found that PS micro- and nanoplastics negatively affect immune function, pregnancy outcomes, and gut health in various models

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Study finds microplastics impact colon cancer cells, could increase metastasis

Study of colon cancer cell lines finds polystyrene micro and nanoplastic particles (MNPs) can be absorbed into cancerous cells in experimental settings; the more aggressive cell line absorbed the most MNPs and presence of MNPs increased cell movement; evidence of persistence and bioaccumulation; authors argue MNPs fit criteria as substance of concern under REACH

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Deciphering the differences in plastic particles reported in foods

Two studies investigate micro- and nanoplastics measured in foods; review the range of reported values and diversity of study methods; make suggestions to standardize research methodologies; one study outlines additional standards the micro – nanoplastics research community needs to develop in order to assist regulators

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