Microplastic in humans: current knowledge and implications

Review summarizes microplastics abundance and characteristics in human biological samples including current research approaches employed, challenges, and prospects; study indicates microplastics impact human meconium and placenta microbiota; review outlines current evidence on microplastic effects upon exposure during early developmental stage

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70% reduction of microplastics by 2050 deemed possible

Material flow analysis on microplastics provides recommendations for reducing microplastics in the Netherlands; effective measures include extension of deposit schemes on returnable plastics, research in improved recycling technologies, and “R-strategies”

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Microplastics in placenta: occurence, sources, effects

Three studies on microplastics and the human placenta; demonstrate particle presence in several intracellular compartments of placentas for the first time; assume breastfeeding and plastic toy usage as microplastic exposure sources to lactating infants; associate placental plastics with reduced fetal growth

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